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  • Do somebody else see my entries?
    No! Just you can see and work with your entries. Data Security is very important for us. Therefore it is needed to Sign in with your Email adress as well.
  • How I can enlarge the BriefingBox information during an IncomingCall?
    Within your settings is a check box "Show Company Name". Deactivate this check box and you will get more information out of the Briefing Box
  • Where to find the Terms and Conditions of WithCall?
  • I don't get Event Notification
    May be you did not allow WithCall send you notifications at the very first start of WithCall on your mobile phone. Please enter your settings and scroll your screen down until you see the app WithCall. Open it and open notifications. Here you can allow WithCall sending you notifications.
  • Where do I find payment conditions
    The prices for WithCall you will find directly in the App Store. Just open the App Store and search for WithCall. Here you will find all conditions.
  • How to change the image of a Folder
    For changing the image of a folder just slide the folder bar to the left and tap on "Edit". While tapping on the image you can change the picture.
  • How to change the image of a Person Card
    Just open the Person Card and tap on the image. Immediately you see a tap bar for changing the picture.
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